Saturday, May 5, 2012

Check out my latest story on NPR (National Public Radio)

Check out my latest story on NPR (National Public Radio).

Composing 'The News,' With A Musical Twist 


Then-candidate Obama promising change in America as re-mixed in "The News" by JacobTV

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The article includes 3 video concertos, created by Dutch composer JacobTV:

Rehearsals of "The News"
Given the tightening of belts in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe (notably Spain and Greece), it is interesting that the Dutch government still enjoys a reputation for being in the avant-garde of arts diplomacy. Dutch embassies around the world are viewed as progressive models in terms of financially supporting Dutch culture and disseminating Dutch artists abroad.

What’s significant is that The News originated not in the Netherlands but in the U.S., specifically in the city of Chicago where JacobTV was visiting as a tourist four years ago and where he met the folks at the Fulcrum Point New Music Project. JacobTV saw the city reflected on the glass wall that surrounded a television studio with cameras, videos and news anchors.

“In a split second, I knew it,” he says. “I knew what I wanted to do. This fascinating world of media. That’s what I want to write about.”

The News had its world premiere at the Definitely Dutch Festival in Pittsburgh under the sponsorship of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the Andy Warhol Off the Wall Series in late April.

Dubbed a "nonfiction opera," The News roams around the world to expose and question the words and promises of world leaders and politicians, even as it calls into question the objectivity of the international news media, and reflects on the news media's impact on the issues we care about and on the lives of real people. --RG

Glenn Beck remixed in "The News"
— Dutch musician JacobTV re-composes a Fox News TV interview into a strange hip-hop-style duet: GLENN BECK and SARAH PALIN "rap" and groove on the subject of untrustworthy politicos

BECK: Trust...How do you restore trust and honor?
PALIN: That's what everybody is asking. 
BECK: I can't get my trust out to anybody! 
PALIN: It's because we have a falling world. Mankind is falling. Scared the heck out of me.

Donald Rumsfeld as re-mixed in "The News" by JacobTV

— Charlie Rose's PBS interview of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

 "No one was ever waterboarded in Guantanamo," Rumsfeld says. "I didn't say it was a country club down there. The CIA waterboarded 3 people. They were waterboarded. It is a stain in our country's reputation."

Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga remixed in "The News"
— Paris Hilton's interview of Lady Gaga at a Nokia party in London turns into a Pop Art explosion of fake love 

HILTON: So Lady Gaga, you are incredible. You've become an icon. 
GAGA: No, I haven't, no. 
HILTON: Alright, you won't admit it. But I'm gonna say it to you. You are a fashion icon. I'm impressed. I'm loving your music. What is your inspiration? 
GAGA: Media culture. And obsession with fame. 
HILTON: How amazing! I'm standing here with Mrs. Fame. I'd love to do a song with you. I love you! 

Listen and watch to the MTV-style song that JacobTV created out of these snippets of conversations.

Sarah Palin remixd in "The News"

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