Friday, December 28, 2012

IN EXHIBITION | "Garden of One World" installation on view at "LaMaMa Family Show"

NEW YORK CITY |  Thanks to LaGalleria's director Matt Nasser, I am included in "LaMaMa Family Show," which runs December 19th through December 30th at La Galleria. If you like my photos, please consider purchasing them for your home or office.

I submitted a photography installation, an excerpt from a larger installation called in the garden of One World.  My artwork consists of a portrait, "Ode to a Farmer in Umbria," and a six-panel photograph installation called "Ripped," which juts out from the wall to the floor. All of these photographs were taken near Trevi in central Italy.

 "Ode to a Farmer in Umbria" by Randy Gener, 16 X 20 (2008)
The farmer is the owner of a vineyard whom I met while I was exploring the area near Ellen Stewart's international arts center LaMaMa Umbria.

"Ripped" is set of six photographs and is part of a larger installation "Garden of Solitude," in which I imagine a garden path where you can find alone or me time. I took those six photos in the springs of the River Clitunno, situated near the town of Trevi and the city of Spoleto.

"Ripped" by Randy Gener. Each photo is 11 X 17 (2008)
The springs of the River Clitunno are immersed in an enchanting oasis of peace which has inspired generations of poets from Virgil to Carducci. In ancient times there was a greater abundance of water, and the river was deeper. Emperor Caligula could go the river with boats when he came and consulted the oracles of Clitunno, the god of the river. There is a small Etrusco-Italian temple made from chalky limestone nearby.  There on the river banks, every year, took place religious feasts with competitions, theatrical performances and gladiatorial matches.

While I was visiting the springs, I learned that this very same pristine spot was once referred to as Caligula's baths. By incorporating a jock strap, a dumb bell and a flower, "Ripped" is my naughty response to the very notion that this oasis was once a site of great decadence.

40 LaMaMa artists are featured in the "Family Show." In a previous post, I talk about some of my favorites.

A post in contains a special slideshow where you can view images from the group exhibition.

La Galleria hours are Wednesday through Sunday 1:00-7:30 PM. La Galleria is located on 6 East First Street, between Second Avenue and Bowery.

Happy holidays!

"in the garden of One World" by Randy Gener at LaMaMa LaGalleria

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