Friday, August 2, 2013

LISTEN TO THIS | Speaking about Bradley Manning verdict on Ireland news radio Newstalk 106–108 fm

DUBLIN and NEW YORK CITY |  Yesterday I provided live radio commentary and news analysis on the Bradley Manning verdict on Ireland's news radio Newstalk 106–108 fm.

The Dublin-based producer of "Davenport After Dark" contacted me after reading my news story about the Manning trial and verdict on, a daily news site on current affairs and politics to which I have been contributing. The site is founded by Derek Bowler.

Dublin-based host Fionn Davenport was particularly interested on whether Manning achieved a moral or ethical victory. I said no, not really.

You can listen to the interview by clicking to on the link below. The interview I gave starts from about 40 minutes in.

The Irish host Fionn Davenport looked briefly at the background of the Manning story, the verdict and the sentencing hearing. They mostly wanted commentary on the sentencing hearing, implications for future whistleblowers and the reaction to the trial in the US.

Newstalk's "Davenport After Dark" is an hour-long radio show in Ireland. It describes itself as "an alternative and opinionated look at everything that informs, infuriates and entertains us. From the boardroom to the bedroom, Davenport After Dark will cover it all; every Thursday night from 10 PM. It's a little bit dangerous."

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