Thursday, January 12, 2012

Culturebot's panel on citizen criticism and the arts takes place, live-streams from New York's Public Theater on Jan. 15

NEW YORK CITY:, a multidisciplinary arts and culture blog, and the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival have graciously invited me to participate in a panel discussion on citizen criticism and the arts during the festival.

Curated by, the discussion on criticism and the arts is entitled "Everyone’s A Critic! Exploring the Changing Landscape of Arts Writing."  It follows a discussion that pits visual-art performance against contemporary performance. And it will be livestreamed at

The actual discussion itself takes place Sunday, January 15 at 1PM at the LuEsther Lounge @ The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street.

Here is the description:
As the mainstream media continues to cut its arts coverage, an increasingly diverse field of citizen journalists has filled in the gap. Some decry this as a disaster, proclaiming the death of criticism. Others characterize this as a long-overdue democratization of critical conversation. The truth is probably somewhere in between. What is the role of the arts writer in today’s society – either “professional” or “amateur”, what is the difference between a reviewer, a critic and a crank, and what does the future hold?

Randy Gener (editor and critic of and in the Theater of One World)
George Hunka (Superfluities Redux)
Margo Jefferson (critic, author, professor)
Tom Sellar (Theater magazine & Village Voice)

Randy Gener, "In Search of a Criticism Without Borders" (Critical Stages)
Randy Gener, "Criticism in the Hybrid Newsroom" (American Theatre magazine)
Randy Gener, "Notes on Heart and Mind, or the Promise of Criticism in the Republic of Broken Dreams (American Theatre magazine)
Michael Kaiser, “The Death of Criticism” (Huffington Post)
George Hunka, “Criticism dies, again” (Superfluities Redux)
Jeremy Barker, “Why Aren’t Audiences Stupid?” (Culturebot)
Andrew Horwitz, “Why Aren’t Audiences Stupid?(Andy Version)” (Culturebot).

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