Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doug Wright clicked 'like' | For Randy Gener to win NY award for excellence at Carnegie Hall


"When it comes to theater, Randy Gener is a rock star," DAVID HENRY HWANG
“We’re very lucky to have him in our industry,” JACK O'BRIEN
"Randy is one of the most compelling voices in our era of globalization,” IOANA IERONIM
"Randy creates art himself with his incisive, finely wrought and insightful prose,” DOUG WRIGHT
"Randy Gener is an ideal recipient of any award for excellence," JEAN-CLAUDE VAN ITALLIE

NEW YORK CITY, August 15, 2012 |  The Nathan Award-winning editor, writer and artist RANDY GENER has been nominated for 2012 The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York (TOFA-NY) Award in the category of Media and Publishing.  Artists from Broadway and the international world click raise their voices in support.

DOUG WRIGHT, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright (I AM MY OWN WIFE), librettist (GREY GARDENS) and screenwriter (QUILLS):
"Randy Gener is that rare theater writer who is a true friend to artists; he champions their work, writes about it incisively, and brings a global perspective to bear on local culture. He does so much more than explicate art by other people; he creates it himself with his incisive, finely-wrought and insightful prose."

TOFA-NY is an awards event held annually at Carnegie Hall in New York during Filipino American History Month celebration in October.  TOFA-NY recognizes exemplary Filipino-American individuals and organizations that have raised the profile of the Filipino American community in a unique and positive way – and to celebrate their achievements.  Voting for the 2012 TOFA-NY Award is presently being conducted via the social networking site Facebook.  Nominees from each category who receive the most Facebook LIKE's by the deadline will be declared as winners.

To click “LIKE” for Randy Gener for to win this important award, one must first visit his photo in the "Nominees for Media & Publishing" album that resides inside "The 2012 TOFA-NY Award" Facebook Page. And then please click LIKE tab under nominee's name.

Here is a direct link to click LIKE on the photo:

TOFA-NY believes that social media is crucial in getting the word out about the many personalities and organizations that have made Filipino-Americans a significant and dynamic community in the U.S.

An awarding ceremony will be held at Carnegie Hall in New York on October 27, 2012 with Philippine Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. and philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis as guest speakers.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas and Philippine TV personality Gel Santos Relos will emcee the awards event.  The evening will feature performances by vocalists Gail Banawis, Kay Habana, Alyssa Shoemaker, and Tiffany Viray, as well as Roberto Villanueva, a dancer.

Tickets are $60-100.  Call 212-417-0419. Carnegie Hall's box office is located at West 57th and 7th Avenue. Visit | | 212-247-7800

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