Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sir Tom Stoppard recommends | Click LIKE for Randy Gener to win TOFA-NY Award

"When it comes to theater, Randy Gener is a rock star," DAVID HENRY HWANG
“We’re very lucky to have him in our industry,” JACK O'BRIEN
"Randy is one of the most compelling voices in our era of globalization,” IOANA IERONIM
"Randy creates art himself with his incisive, finely wrought and insightful prose,” DOUG WRIGHT
"Randy Gener is an ideal recipient of any award for excellence," JEAN-CLAUDE VAN ITALLIE

Sir Tom Stoppard is a man of shocking generosity.  One of the world's greatest living dramatists, Stoppard joins the chorus of Broadway voices who have endorsed me to win the 2012 The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York (TOFA-NY) Award in the category of Media and Publishing.

TOM STOPPARD is the author of the plays Arcadia, The Coast of Utopia, Travesties, Jumpers, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, The Real Thing, Rock 'n' Roll, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.  Stoppard is also the author of the screenplay of the films Brazil and Shakespeare in Love (for which he won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay). He has also won four Tony Awards. Stoppard says:
  • "I have been impressed by Randy Gener’s professionalism as a journalist, and am happy to endorse his nomination for the TOFA-NY Award."
  • Sir Tom Stoppard
  • "Your essay 'Fomenting a Denim Revolution,' about the Belarus Free Theatre, is a superb piece, the best and fullest account of the situation I have read. Everyone who cares about freedom in Belarus, and about the Free Theatre in particular, has reason to thank you.”

Listen to Stoppard. Click LIKE on my photo here:

Tom Stoppard is a fierce free speech champion. Along with Harold Pinter and Vaclav Havel, Stoppard was one of the first artists to throw the full weight of their support to the Belarus Free Theater. In fact, Stoppard himself directed a staged reading of his own one-act play for a PEN American Center benefit to support freedom in Belarus. In my essay in Critical Stages, entitled "The Struggle for a Free Theatre," the British playwright of Arcadia and The Coast of Utopia asked Hollywood and Broadway actors Margaret Colin and Billy Crudup to read Stoppard’s contribution to an omnibus play The Laws of War, which he had originally co-written with other British playwrights for a 2010 celebration of the work of Human Rights Watch. You can see my iPhone recording of the staged reading here.

TOFA-NY believes that social media is crucial in getting the word out about the many personalities and organizations that have made Filipino-Americans a significant and dynamic community in the U.S.

TOFA-NY recognizes exemplary Filipino-American individuals and organizations that have raised the profile of the Filipino American community in a unique and positive way – and to celebrate their achievements.  Voting for the 2012 TOFA-NY Award is presently being conducted via the social networking site Facebook.  Nominees from each category who receive the most Facebook LIKE's by the deadline will be declared as winners.

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